Women's Counselling in Watford with Azka Butt

Counselling for Women in Watford

What is Counselling?
Counselling allows us to talk about our feelings and emotions in a safe space where we are respected and accepted the way we are. Explore our fears and thoughts without being judged in a confidential environment. It is a process that helps to develop clarity and make sense of life.
Is It Confidential?
All sessions are confidential however there are some exceptions to that for example court order , disclosure or self harm or harm to others.
All counsellors are required to have regular supervision, where cases are discussed for reasons of ethics and safe practise. My supervisor is bound by the same commitment to confidentiality as I am.

How Can I help you?

I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor, trained in Psychodynamic ,person centred, CBT and Transitional Analysis this allows me to implement skills and techniques to enhance and support the clients decision.
I believe that each an every one of us is 'unique' and I feel that having understanding of all different approaches I can use and tailor the approach, which is resonating with the client.
Psychodynamic ; Client who is having problems in the current situation but there has been unresolved issues and conflict in the past can be helped by using psychodynamic approach.
Transitional Analysis; This approach can help to explore the an Individual's personality and the way its been formed by their childhood experiences. It can help to develop understanding about their pattern or unconscious 'script', by recognising the pattern and changing it can help a client to reach their full potential.
CBT; Cognitive behavioural therapy helps developing the understanding between thinking and behaviour. It is aimed to look at and explore unhealthy emotions ;such as Anxiety and Depression and develop the understanding of dysfunctional ways of thinking and behaving.
I work in a very Person centred and non directive way. My client are the centre of my work and they can choose how they want to work. I am respectful and caring and empathic person and I can offer safe, confidential and non-judgemental space, where you can explore and rediscovered your full potential.

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